- Control: gauges, threaded conical cylinders.

- Cutting: bits, reamers, male cams, lines.

- Measuring: micrometers, verniers.


- Drawing: wires, matrices, punches.

- Extrusion: mandrels, matrices.

- Pressing: matrices, punches.

- Laminating: cylinders.

- Moulding: casting moulds, coreboxes.


Axles for: lathes, drill bits, milling machines, polishers, rectifiers.

Thermal machinery

Drivers, cranks, valve parts, turbine blades.

Hydraulic and oleo-pneumatic machinery

Piston shafts, casings, valves, pumps.

Pneumatic and vacuum machinery

Compressors, vacuum pumps, suction systems.

Mining and public works materials

Prop tubes, wearing parts for compressors.

Cars and combustion engines

Crankshafts, segments, cylinders, shock absorbers.

Aviation and spacecraft

Landing brakes, brake discs, helicopter crankpins.


Diesel engines, signalling equipment.

Electrical and electronics industry

Protective shields, parts for inductors.

Chemicals and plastics industry

Mixers, calenders, injection machines, sluice gates.

Nuclear industry

Control elements immersed in demineralised water.

Textile Industry

Embossing rollers, thread guides, continual rings.

Food industry

Mixers, biscuit moulds, dairy, margarines.

Paper industry

Ink regulators, cylinders, dryers and engravers.


Rotogravure cylinders.

Leather and footwear

Milling machines, plates and gear cylinders.

Photography/Optics/Cinema industry

Polishing plates and cylinders, projector cylinders.


Gun barrel coatings, recoil brakes.

Ceramics, brickworks, glassworks

Press plates, pistons, augers, dies.

As noted previously, one of the most widespread applications of hard chrome plating is found in the field of recovery, either of workpieces that have been worn down due to continual use or those deemed out of specification during the manufacturing process.

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